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Birla Cellulose partners with TextileGenesis

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Birla Cellulose, the pulp and fibre business of the Aditya Birla Group, is a sustainability focused Man-Made Cellulosic Fibres (MMCF) producer. Staying ahead of the sustainability curve Birla Cellulose makes tracer enabled sustainable man-made cellulosic fibre and integrates with traceability platform. Birla Cellulose has collaborated with TextileGenesis™, a block-chain enabled digital traceability platform which tracks and verifies the use of sustainable fibers from fiber to garment.

Regulatory changes towards sustainable fashion have driven big brands to set key sustainability and ESG goals by 2030 and made traceability platform a key tool in the textile and apparel industry to provide transparency across textile value chain to the end consumer.

Mr. ManMohan Singh, chief marketing officer – Birla Cellulose, Grasim Industries, said, “Our partnership with TextileGenesis is one more step towards our commitment to offer complete transparent supply chain and creating visibility to the sustainably managed forests that are among the most important aspect of responsibly produced viscose. Birla Cellulose has for the last three consecutive years achieved the Dark Green Shirt status in the Canopy’s Hot Button Report, a testimony to our continuous efforts on the conservation of Ancient & Endangered Forests and robust initiatives to scale circular business models in the fashion.”

Birla Cellulose is actively collaborating with brands and supply chain partners, innovators, and orchestrators such as Canopy, Fashion for Good, and Circular Fashion Partnership for scaling its circular business model. Company’s blockchain-based and molecular tracer-backed platform ‘GreenTrack™ – Fibre Traceability tool’ launched in 2019 has today 90+ brands and 1500+ value chain partners on boarded with over 56000 MT of fiber tracked across the globe. The platform provides end-to-end traceability of value chain from forest to fashion.

Mr ManMohan Singh added “Last year, a pilot was carried out with a global brand to understand the feasibility and adaptability of the TextileGenesis platform. After a successful pilot run, Birla Cellulose is now expanding the scope to include more brands on the TextileGenesis platform in addition to the existing GreenTrack platform.”

Amit Gautam, chief executive officer and founder of TextileGenesis says, “With increasing compliance and reputational risks, CEOs and Boards of top 100 fashion brands have committed to using 100% sustainable and traceable fibers over the next 5 years, with transparency being a core part of business priorities. Sustainability and traceability are intertwined, and it’s great to partner with Birla Cellulose and deliver transparency solutions for the brands. Our supply chain traceability platform will create digital solutions for Birla Cellulose innovative and sustainable fibers across the entire supply chain using Fibercoins™ traceability technology.”

Brands today seek end to end visibility across the value chain rather than just their immediate supplier. More and more brands are encouraging environmental sustainability through business practices that helps both brands and consumers. The partnership will strengthen the sustainable credentials as well as strengthen the brand and consumer connect of Birla Cellulose.

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