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KM Fabrics announces investment in new mill

Company News, News | May 21, 2024 | By:

KM Fabrics, a manufacturer of woven velvets for drapery, upholstery, wrapped panels and specialty applications based in West Greenville, S.C., announced that the company is relocating. KM will relocate by late 2025 a few miles from its current location. The 15-acre property, including a 200,000-square-foot building, will house manufacturing and corporate headquarters.

“Weaving and dyeing velvet fabrics is extremely difficult and requires specialized knowledge,” says Paul Tantillo, KM president and CEO. “We’ve created a skilled and diversified workforce with decades of experience and it was important for us to keep our team intact. Staying in West Greenville promotes revitalization in our community and allows us to scale. We will be moving our team of over 100 employees and also plan on hiring additional staff across the board.”

The new facility will feature additional equipment and a streamlined layout, operating on one level instead of two, for better safety, quality control and efficiency. Tantillo notes the new location will be more comfortable, private, and secure, promoting an outstanding work environment. Seeking to avoid production disruptions, staff will be working in both the current and new mills until the move is complete.

“We love being in Greenville and this is why KM Fabrics is writing its next chapter here,” Tantillo says. “We’re investing in sustainable manufacturing to ensure our operations remain within regulatory guidelines. At the same time, we’re increasing our capacity to maintain our high production standards for our core clients in the theater business as well as new opportunities in other markets.

Marsh Bell Construction Co. will handle on-site construction and renovation, working with GPN Architecture and Isomer Project Group on engineering.

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