2023 Specialty Fabrics Showcase, Part 1

April 1, 2023  |  Features, Specialty Fabrics Showcase

Tents, awnings, shade sails, marine upholstery, protective gear, furniture: regardless of the end product, the fabric needs to perform in harsh conditions while looking good, keeping the planet green and fitting into a client’s budget. For our two-part annual showcase, we asked contributors to sen…
Mar Ricketts and Guildworks soar to new heights

March 1, 2023  |  Features, Perspective

Growing up in Maryland, Mar Ricketts liked flying kites and architecture, two interests that continue to influence him today.
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Navigating military textile development

March 1, 2023  |  Features

Bestwork Industries for the Blind Inc. is a Cherry Hill, N.J., not-for-profit employment program that provides jobs for people who are blind or visually impaired, assisting them in achieving financial independence. Although Bestwork produces commercial sewn materials and non-military apparel, its bi…
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Imaginative shade structures

March 1, 2023  |  Features

Shading in public places has always served a function, but until recently, its look was an afterthought. Now, fabricators are getting more creative than ever with shade structures, covering everything from resort pools to outdoor music venues. Check out these innovative shade structures that excel a…
Ontario’s Regal Tents specializes in high-profile events

February 1, 2023  |  Features, Perspective

Canadian sales executive Michelle McCulloch knew from age 12 she wanted to become a mover and shaker in the tent rental industry.
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Designing (for) women

February 1, 2023  |  Features

The specialty fabrics industry has historically been overwhelmingly male, and this remains largely the case today. However, more women are seeing a place for themselves within it, and the ratio of men to women is starting to shift slightly as industry efforts to bring more women on board gain moment…
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Beyond PPE

February 1, 2023  |  Features

The medical textiles industry, like many, was upended by the pandemic. New opportunities may have presented themselves, notably the production of personal protective equipment (PPE), as the need for infection control exploded. But there was no “business as usual” in the chaotic environment.
Weathering all seasons

January 1, 2023  |  Features, Perspective

Sails have propelled Brydon Roe’s personal and professional paths for as long as he can remember. He and his brother grew up boating and windsurfing on the lakes of Ontario, Canada, before getting their first jobs at a windsurfing shop and eventually opening their own. Enticed by its sunny beaches…
Surviving disasters

January 1, 2023  |  Features

When Jeff Kleger got the call in February 2008 that the building housing his awning company was on fire, he was getting ready to head out of town with his wife and daughter for a weekend event. Instead, sending his family on without him, the president of 432 Design Inc. in Philadelphia, Penn., raced…
An ounce of prevention

January 1, 2023  |  Features

Everyone knows that doing simple maintenance can make all the difference to the life of any tool or piece of equipment. But in the midst of the ongoing labor shortage, avoiding breakdowns is more important than ever.