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A framework for customer satisfaction

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David Hawkes, group product manager for Roland DGA Corp. in Irvine, Calif., shares his firm’s six-part framework for customer satisfaction:

1. Quality output
Delivering a quality product to a customer is critical to our success and theirs. Each equipment feature is built with the customer’s business demands in mind.

2. Versatility
A limited portfolio of output has been the death of many print service providers. Versatile equipment helps businesses serve existing and new markets.

3. Reliability
Products should be an effortless part of the end user’s operation.

4. Ease of use
Operator turnover is a fact of life. Equipment must be simple to use and easy to learn so staffing transitions are not problematic.

5. Productivity
Productivity is a factor of versatility, reliability and ease of use. A shop can run more efficiently and productively with a device that meets the criteria above.

6. Profitability
Profitability is the name of the game in any business. Profitability follows when all of these key attributes are present.

John Gehner is a freelance writer and editor based in Atlanta, Ga.

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