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Analyzing the pros and cons of computerized cutting

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We’re going to be doing some foam cutting. We’re cutting out 200 pieces at a time and would like to use computerized equipment. The foam we’re using is quarter-inch thick “fun foam,” like you’d find at craft stores. Where can we get the equipment to cut it?

We contacted a number of foam-cutting equipment manufacturers, none of which seemed to think there would be a problem with the type or thickness of the foam you’re using. One company did suggest using a plastic overlay on the foam; and, of course, the compatibility will also be dependent on the width of the foam and whether you’re using a sheet or a roll. Computerized cutting equipment is an investment, so make sure to do a cost analysis. If it’s not practical to purchase the equipment until this project takes off for you, ask the equipment suppliers for a contract cutter in your area.

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Juli Case is IFAI’s information and technical services manager.

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