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Armijos finds inspiration outside of specialty fabrics industry

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Armijos’ ability to think outside the box is fed partially by his desire to look outside the specialty fabric industry for inspiration. “I like to take a moment and get out of my industry,” he says. “I like to see what others are doing and visualize how it might work for my business.” Armijos often turns to the fashion industry and other design-related fields to ignite his imagination. And since he’s as busy as the rest of us, he often gets his daily inspiration in small doses—from places like MSN’s home page. “There’s always that one daily thing [featured] like a car or a fashion show or whatever,” he says. “But it’s something outside my element that gets me to ask myself: ‘How could fabric be a part of this?’ or ‘How could I use this concept in another application?’”

Sigrid Tornquist is the editor of Specialty Fabrics Review.

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