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Fabric alternatives for HVAC systems

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Kevin Gebke, product development engineer for DuctSox, Dubuque, Iowa, says DuctSox’s products have been requested for retrofits of buildings that want a more “green” and energy efficient option for their HVAC systems. “It’s a cutting-edge idea to use the fabric’s flexible and efficient characteristics to do an equivalent job, and in most cases a better job, than its metal counterparts,” Gebke says.

Each DuctSox system is engineered specifically for the project, allowing air to be discharged uniformly along the system. Gebke says the product meets all of the stringent construction, life safety, and environmental standards and evaluations (UL, NFPA, International Code Council, state and local codes, FDA, EPA) and can cost less than metal alternatives after installation is included.

“Fabric ducting is a great alternative that is not a ‘cheap’ product,” says Gebke. “There is less money spent on raw materials, not to mention installation time. In these days, everyone is squeezing their costs and pinching their pennies. With DuctSox, there is a dual savings for a better product.”

Julie Young is a freelance writer based in Indianapolis, Ind.

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