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Price plays key role in interior fabrics

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Although it’s not always the determining factor, price will play a key role in interior fabrics going forward. “Price pressure will continue on the commodity fabrics that are frequently copied in Asia and sold under market prices in the U.S.,” says Chris Duerk of Mermet Corp. “The more technical and high-end segments will continue to look for quality, style and performance first.”

The mid-price segment will increasingly come under pressure, says Dr. Norbert Rehle of Drapilux. “To escape the vicious circle of pricing down, manufacturers from Europe need to trade up and differentiate themselves with intelligent added values, technical innovations and attractive designs.”

What’s more, questions remain about the climbing price of polyester. “Polyester is a petroleum-based product, so pricing has been escalating along with oil prices,” notes Scott Fisher of Fisher Textiles Inc.. “A good segment of the print market, however, needs 100 percent polyester products. If polyester continues to increase, you may see printers go toward other technologies that do not require polyester.”

Holly O’Dell is a freelance writer based in Pine City, Minn.

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