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Servicing your equipment

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When a machine breaks or isn’t working properly, call your supplier to get advice on what needs to be done. They will be able to help solve the problem or get you in touch with the correct person to help fix the problem.

The dealer is the first line of defense. “A good self-servicing dealer can usually take care of most escalations over the phone, but they must be prepared to visit the customer site to fix any problems that can’t be simply resolved,” says Michelle Pugh, marketing coordinator at Mutoh America Inc. “Cost implications can vary, depending on where the problem is located.”

Businesses that mature into high-volume sublimation shops typically make considerable investments in new capital equipment.

“We recommend purchasing from entities and product representatives that have a service organization available to service equipment on site,” says Fernando Catania, product manager at Roland DGA Corp. “The servicer should be certified by the manufacturer and have current training on the equipment a shop is planning to purchase. The servicer should also have service parts on hand and be able to address problems in a timely manner. For production shops, 24 hours to 48 hours is more downtime than they can afford waiting for equipment to be serviced. The servicer should be able to identify the problem quickly and resolve it to get production online again.”

For many shops, registering the equipment warranty or subscribing to an ongoing maintenance contract, including the replacement of consumable parts, can be essential to keeping the equipment and business running smoothly.

Maura Keller is a freelance writer and author in Plymouth, Minn.

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