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Shrinkable fabric use expands

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In some instances, objects being transported via flatbed trucks require a cover that can be wrapped tightly. To that end, Greg Todt developed Transhield Shrinkable Fabric™ 20 years ago to protect high-end paint jobs on loads such as vehicles, boats and industrial equipment that shipped over the road.

Custom-designed for various applications, the fabric is comprised of a polyethylene film, hotmelt adhesive and polyester nonwoven fabric, which shrinks to fit tightly, and it can be reused. “It is not slick on the inner surface, and the material’s nonwoven lining prevents condensation and will actually wick away moisture,” explains Matt Peat, vice president of sales and marketing for Transhield, based in Elkhart, Ind. “That same nonwoven also prevents chafing and marring of the painted surface that is being protected.”

Because of its anti-corrosive properties, Peat says that its products are seeing more use for long-term storage of military vehicles. The company also expects growth in the OEM marine industry and plans to enter the automotive market.

Holly O’Dell is a freelance writer based in Pine City, Minn.

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