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Snapshot: Client support, on time

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Among the benefits of creating a process-driven workplace is the ability to turn out high-quality products in a short time frame. And, as a wholesale manufacturer, Pinz Co. Ltd. also values its ability to support its customers as they, in turn, fulfill their clients’ needs. When South East Blinds and Awnings in South Australia hired Pinz Pty. Ltd. to manufacture custom blinds for a project it was doing for Architen Landrell, Chepstow, U.K., delivering the order quickly was one of the requirements. Pinz manufactured 70 Ziptrak® blinds for an alfresco eating area at the Westfield London mall. Architen installed the blinds in stages, at night, to allow for minimal disruption to the busy summer shopping season.

Pinz supplied all the customized metal work for the 70 blinds (and spares) within three days in order to meet the required lead times for stage one of the installation. “Pinz branded all parcels to reflect the trading name of our customer and ensure that no Pinz identification was included,” says David Snoad. “The change in branding assisted our customer in securing the high profile export account, which we were happy to do.” Pinz manufactured and shipped the balance of the goods (the full 70 blind skins, components, etc.) within a further five-day lead time—far exceeding the expectations of the client.

Two years later, the client contracted Pinz to manufacture 25 more Ziptrack blinds for an installation at the Westfield Stratford City mall. Once again, Pinz was able to turn the blinds around within a short lead time. “Our business model is one of building high-value products that are customized, in very short lead time,” Snoad says. “To accomplish that, we have a very visual system throughout our factory that ensures the first jobs that go into the factory are the first ones to come out.”

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