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Specialty Fabrics Review interviews Robert Rosania, IFM, CPP, and CEO of Ehmke Manufacturing Co. Inc.

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What is your industry prediction?

In maybe five, but certainly within the next 10 years, the restrictions of both the Berry Amendment and the Buy American Act are going to be compromised. Opportunities for global competition will open up.

What is your business strength?

That would probably be my ability to communicate-to take a technical problem and simplify it, and to motivate and influence people.

What is your best advice received?

I had a college football coach who used to say that you can achieve anything you want to if you’re willing to pay the price. And that price can come in many different flavors.

What is your business philosophy?


Recruit and hire good, talented people. Give them the opportunity to make our company great, and give them the resources and tools they need to be successful.

Sigrid Tornquist is the associate editor of Specialty Fabrics Review magazine.

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