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Top tips for shop arrangement

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How to set up shop for permanent facilities and mobile operations.

For permanent facilities

  1. Put equipment on castors for easy rearrangement.
  2. Locate equipment that can’t be moved around the perimeter of the room to open up flexible space in the center.
  3. Install plenty of venting and lighting throughout the space so machines aren’t limited to a specific location.
  4. Store materials close to the site where they will be used.
  5. Think vertically for material storage.
  6. Identify someone on the production floor who can be a leader in continuous improvement and efficiency.
  7. Take a sample of what you produce and move it around the facility. What’s in your way? Would a different arrangement create fewer roadblocks?

For mobile operations

  1. Have two or three of everything.
  2. Think strength, cordless and battery life when buying tools.
  3. Transport tools in rolling bags or carts.
  4. Install pegboards to keep everything within reach.

Jill C. Lafferty is editor of InTents magazine.

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