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Vest keeps first responders cool

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In response to comments made by clients, Amit Kapoor of First Line Technology set out to find a way to keep first responders cool in a variety of high-temperature environments. In collaboration with CarbonX Non-Flammable Fabrics (a product of Chapman Innovations), Kapoor designed heat-activated PhaseCore® cooling vests. The environmentally friendly phase change material (PCM) cools the user’s body temperature, and CarbonX’s non-flammable fabric protects the user from burn-related injuries. The vests substantially lower the risks of injury or death to firefighters and other first responders.

Based on patented blends of oxidized fibers, clothing and equipment made of CarbonX, the vest material is able to withstand the direct flame of a blow torch without melting, igniting or burning. The PhaseCore cooling salt compound is heat activated, absorbs heat and provides long-lasting cooling that will not overcool the body like ice.

The cooling effect increases worker productivity while reducing heat-related illness. The lightweight vests are effective for up to four hours and are recharged at room temperature without ice, water or refrigeration.

Sigrid Tornquist is a freelance author and editor based in St. Paul, Minn. She is also the associate editor of InTents magazine, a publication of the Industrial Fabrics Association International.

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