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Suppliers provide fabrics for making keder

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Where can we find fabric to use to make keder?

Keder is a component piece used in construction methods in which fabric has to be threaded through a track or channel. It’s used primarily in the construction of tents and fabric structures, but has other applications as well. Keder consists of fabric wrapped around a semi-rigid cord, such as a PVC welting cord, and welded or heat sealed for stability. The fabric used can vary, although it is often a woven polyester coated with vinyl. We contacted IFAI member companies that supply coated and laminated fabrics and found a number who supply or could develop fabrics for use in making keder:

SOURCE Seattle Textile Co., e-mail

SOURCE Sinclair Equipment Co.

SOURCE Spectro Coating Corp.

SOURCE SuperTex Fabrics


SOURCE Verseidag Seemee U.S.

Juli Case is IFAI’s information and technical services manager.

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