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Acrylic transfer adhesive used for tension membranes

Fabric Structures, Products | July 1, 2008 | By:

0708_NP4For structural and decorative use, Unifilm® U802 from Scapa North America is an acrylic transfer adhesive used to attach architectural tension membranes to a wide variety of metal frames. It laminates well well to a variety of substrates, including low surface energy plastics and untreated polyolefins, providing high initial adhesion and building quickly to a peel strength of 149 oz./inch. Unifilm U802 withstands a range of environmental extremes and offers excellent UV, humidity and temperature resistance, as well as good chemical resistance and long-term aging properties. Product can also be used for seaming and repair applications in tension membrane buildings, tents and canopies.

SOURCE Scapa North America

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