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Stocking programs for olive drab cotton duck

Resources | December 1, 2008 | By:

We’re looking for sources that stock olive drab cotton duck that’s been treated for water and mildew resistance. Can you give us any sources?

There’s been a run on olive drab cotton duck recently, although we’re not exactly sure why. We had three different fabricators, all in different parts of the country and all in different industries, looking for the same fabric—a rare occurrence! In any case, we sent out a description to suppliers and found a number of them who have a stocking program for this material:

SOURCE Canwill Textiles Inc.

SOURCE MMI Textiles Inc.. dba NDW Textiles

SOURCE Seattle Textile Co.

SOURCE Top Value Fabrics

SOURCE Tri Vantage LLC

SOURCE Trident Industrial Products Corp.

Juli Case is IFAI’s information and technical services manager.

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