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Roof lifted into place to protect airplane

Fabric Structures, Projects | January 1, 2009 | By:

[UFS Australasia Pty. Ltd.] Casuarina Beach, Australia

[S Squared Pty. Ltd.] Australia

The objective of this project was to provide a covered working environment for the Boeing 747 at the Boeing Airspace Hanger in Amberley, Queensland, Australia. The entire roof was assembled in an adjoining field more than 100 meters from its final position, to allow the fabric to be installed at a lower level, making the process more efficient and safer. The structure was then moved, using trucks on each corner, to its final position, where cranes lifted the roof onto four columns more than 18 meters high. UFS was challenged to devise a process of constructing a fabric installation and tensioning system that could be mostly completed prior to lifting the roof into place—which required leaving openings for the cranes to enable the entire roof to be lifted from specially designed lifting points in the four corners of the structure. Fabric used was Precontraint 1002 S by Ferrari Textiles Corp., from Innova International Pty. Ltd.

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