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Mesh fabric increases tarpaulin life expectancy

Products | February 1, 2009 | By:

[Roll-Rite LLC] Alger, Mich., U.S.A.

Industrial scrap and refuse can turn a tarpaulin into, well…garbage. Roll-Rite worked with TenCate, Pendergrass, Ga., to develop a tarpaulin that could handle these demanding conditions. Ideally suited for haulers with roll-off and hook-lift style trucks and transfer trailers, Super Tough Mesh is a 100-percent polypropylene, 10,000 denier, 14.2 ounce-per-square-yard mesh fabric. It is not a coated or extruded material, but a twisted, multi-thread product similar to dense netting when it is expanded. If it is punctured the dense twisted strands will actually “self-heal,” because the strands are not connected (similar to loose rope), which reduces potential tears. Based on actual field testing by product users, Super Tough claims three to five times the life expectancy of average scrap tarps on the market. Special edge binding and pocket liners contribute to its unusual durability.

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