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Top 10 home decor trends for 2009

Industry News | February 1, 2009 | By:

In a distressed economy, the well-dressed home is a place for friends, families and harried breadwinners to re-group and find sanctuary. Decor Place, Las Vegas, Nev., consults interior designers and industry experts each year to pinpoint the Top 10 Home Decor Trends for 2009. Frugality isn’t the only thing that’s in this season:

1. The Pantone Color Institute forecasts popularity of lively and intense fuchsia red and vibrant green, as well as sophisticated, grounded hues such as salmon rose, palace blue, lavender and rose dust. Designer members of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) predict that clients will seek warmth and calm, including warm and cool grays, deep blues, spice, bisque, toast, green/golds and the attention-grabbing kick of yellow.

2. Rooms with complex color concepts require stronger lighting, says Jeff Dross, Kichler Lighting, Racine, Wis., including chandeliers with more arms or lights per arm, and more pendants and wall mounts that accept higher-wattage bulbs.

3. Wall murals are “a very cost-effective way to completely transform the look of a room,” says Todd Imholte, Murals Your Way, Hopkins, Minn., with a gallery of 5,000 images. Cover the walls with modern graphics, whispered patterns, nature scenes or personalized photos or artwork.

4. Patterns for fabrics and wallcoverings don’t get stale when manufacturers combine classic and contemporary styles, use tiny country patterns with calico or patchwork, or experiment with clustered or layered effects, says Michelle Lamb, Marketing Directions Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.

5. Comfortable, functional furniture trumps the more showy, formal or hard-edged looks, and ASID member Andrea Vollf sees clients creating personal refuges with elegant, peaceful, inviting and easy-to-maintain furnishings.

6. Kathy Peterson, designer/co-host of Lifetime TV’s “The Balancing Act,” forecasts hardwood wall coverings with custom designs, while other experts see floors, walls, ceilings and furniture making good with wood.

7. Metallic finishes and textures elevate a room’s energy, and Marketing Directions’ Lamb predicts platinum, dark silver, rose golds, copper and intense color metallics making a statement this year.

8. The Decorating Diva, editor Carmen Natschke, goes against the comfort flow by predicting a revival of Hollywood Regency, “glamorous, classy and elegant; composed of an eclectic mix of styles…; sumptuous and luxury fabrics, shimmering finishes, mirrored furniture, chinoiserie, bamboo and lacquered furniture; bold color; clean lines and beautiful symmetry.”

9. Transitions from indoor to outdoor environments should be seamless, says ASID member Susan Pantaleo, pulling colors from adjacent rooms to maintain visual connection.

10. Customers should pay more for energy-efficient and sustainable building materials up front, and save money in the long run, says ASID member McKinley Adams. He also sees interest in vintage furnishings, and others anticipate increased use of sustainable grass cloth and natural sisal finishes.

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