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Advanced Textiles, Products | July 1, 2009 | By:

HyGy™ is a patent-pending nanotechnology applied to finishing fabrics. The finished HyGy performance fabric is single layer, super strength, lightweight, breathable, water repellent, water resistant, temperature tolerant from -60 to -300 degrees C, colorfast, anti-abrasion, anti-germ, anti-mosquito, nontoxic and recyclable. The process is applicable to various materials, such as polyester, nylon and cotton, with and without stretchable spandex. Applications in outdoor activewear, military uniforms, medical surgical gowns and casual sport apparel.

KTTEX&trade is a patented processing technology used in making retroreflective fabrics to enhance public safety. Wearing KTTEX fabrics will improve the visibility of the wearer during the night, yet the fabrics are not overly flashy in daylight. Reflective properties illustrate silhouette against a dark background and meet ANSI standards. Softness and comfort are maintained in finished products.

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