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Kuraray America Inc. supplies fabrics and yarns

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Vectran™ knitted fabrics offer cut, puncture, abrasion and heat resistance. Available in multifilament, spun and hybrid varieties, these fabrics offer excellent drapability to molded composites and are suited for a range of end-use applications, from cut-resistant gloves to puncture-resistant garments, as a high-performance alternative to aramids. Other uses include high-performance pull-cord applications where the fiber provides high strength, near-zero creep and durability.

Kuraray will also feature its new EX line of flame-resistant, multifilament yarns and a new offering of large filament yarns. Vectran has been introduced in finer filaments and offered as staple fibers for creating blended yarns. A high-modulus fiber with low-creep under load, Vectran is known for its strength, rigidity, abrasion and moisture resistance, as well as property retention over a broad range of temperature and chemical environments. Mechanically, Vectran is three to five times stronger than polyesters and up to 20 percent stronger than aramid fibers.

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