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Tarps keep the ice nice

Products | February 10, 2010 | By:

Ice-skating rinks are investments in winter fun, but lose their glitter when weather inconsistencies or other environmental insults pit, thaw or mar the surface. Tarpaflex US LLC, Naples, Fla., recently introduced a new line of ice rink tarps that preserve the smooth surface and mitigate temperature, but won’t crack or chip under extreme weather conditions.

The heavy-duty density polyethylene tarps are rot and shrink proof, UV resistant and water repellent, allowing them to be reused year after year and stored indoors or outdoors. The 12-14 ml thick polyethylene covers can be custom made in sizes up to 60-by-100 feet. “It can stand up to even the coldest of Arctic temperatures and still fit snugly across a rink without cracking or weakening,” says Bob Page, CEO of Tarpaflex.

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