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New SafeLeigh® recycled fibers

Products | June 28, 2010 | By:

With the introduction of two additions to its SafeLeigh® line of fire-retardant, recycled fibers, Leigh Fibers has extended those benefits to many more spinning and nonwoven applications. SafeLeigh Natural and SafeLeigh Premium are predominantly meta-aramid and made with 100 percent recycled post-industrial materials, recommended for flame-retardant fabrics and other heat-shielding applications. They’re suitable for coarse yarn spinning and for the nonwoven fabrics used in bedding, filtration and many other products. Natural is a natural colored fiber; Premium is a multicolored fiber.

SafeLeigh recycled fibers help manufacturers meet flame retardant standards without the use of chemical additived, offering high-quality, cost-effective alternatives for companies who want to capitalize on the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products. Leigh Fibers offers a wide array of recycled materials, including technical, synthetic and natural fibers, textile by-products, and single- and multi-polymer materials for plastic applications. All products are custom-blended to meet specific customer needs, with special attention to consistency, quality and cost-effectiveness.

SOURCE: Leigh Fibers

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