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New ultra-lightweight fabric from Everest Textile Co. uses NILIT yarns

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In part due to global warming, lightweight and thin fabrics have become a very strong apparel trend. To fill this demand, Everest Textile Co. has invested in researching and developing ultra-lightweight fabrics. The new product, Ever Ultra Light Weight 5 denier, has been nicknamed “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” highlighting its extreme light weight-it literally feels as if nothing is being worn. The fabric, based on NILIT’s Flat 6/4 yarn, is also armed with windproof light rain resistance, high abrasion resistance, high tearing strength (max. 900g) and easy-pack functionality. Ever Ultra Light is designed for sports and causal wear such as running clothes, cycling jackets, mountain climbing down coats and even sleeping bags and tents.

Based on the Everest Sustainability Model (ESM), Everest Textile Co. is aggressively practicing the concept of “less is more” in R&D and production processes. Thomas Chiu, R&D engineer, explains: “Ever Ultra Light not only answers consumers’ demands for comfortable, lightweight clothing but also for ecological products, since its light weight effectively reduces energy usage and waste emissions in production.”

Nilit® Ltd., headquartered in Israel, produces nylon 6.6 and microfiber yarns in a broad selection of dtex and filament counts, luster levels, and types of cross-sections, used for knitwear, wovenwear and spandex covering applications for the production of fashionable and functional legwear, bodywear, intimate apparel, and activewear.

Everest Textile Co., with production plants in Taiwan, Shanghai and Bangkok, is a vertically integrated textile manufacturer that specializes in development of innovative and high value-added products used in casual, sports and outdoor clothing.

SOURCES Nilit® Ltd., Everest Textile Co.

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