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Aptra® lightweight, breathable protective films for medical products

Advanced Textiles, Products | August 30, 2010 | By:

Aptra® is a breathable film used as a composite with other materials, manufactured by RKW US Inc. Unique, lightweight film provides an exceptional combination of barrier properties and breathability, and is easily laminated with a wide variety of substrates using several methods. Composite structures utilizing spunbond nonwovens is one of the many configurations possible. Lamination can be accomplished by point bonding with heated calenders, sonic bonding, heat sealing and spray adhesives.

Web Dynamics Ltd. in the United Kingdom is a major purchaser of Aptra Classic microporous film, using it to manufacture breathable, waterproof barrier fabrics used in protective clothing, allergy control, water filtration, roofing and sheltering applications. The lightweight, waterproof film can also be used as a topsheet for bedding, or in gowns, drapes, covers, linings or transdermal patches. “It has very high barrier properties and is extremely helpful for our customers in the medical arena because it’s so easy to wipe down, and it protects against blood-borne pathogens and viral penetration,” said Web Dynamics chairman Tim Woodbridge. “It’s very forgiving and stretchy without becoming brittle. We can even machine wash it.“

Source: RKW US Inc.

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