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AATCC offers program for antibacterial assessment

Advanced Textiles, Industry News | October 1, 2010 | By:

For manufacturers or purchasers of fabrics or nonwoven materials that claim to be antibacterial, AATCC is offering a new program that covers basic antibacterial assessment. AATCC Proficiency Testing Programs are recommended to ensure that testing labs accurately perform test methods and interpret their results correctly.

The Antibacterial Proficiency Program covers AATCC Test Methods (TM) 100, Assessment of Antibacterial Finishes on Textile Materials, and TM 147, Antibacterial Activity Assessment of Textile Materials: Parallel Streak Method. TM 100 provides a quantitative procedure for the evaluation of the degree of antibacterial activity on a textile material; TM 147 is a qualitative method to determine antibacterial activity of diffusible antimicrobial agents on treated textile materials. These methods are applicable to fabrics and nonwoven materials.

On-site testing labs must ensure that their technicians are aware of these test methods. Third-party testing labs can participate in the AATCC Proficiency Testing Program to demonstrate that their data is accurate and reliable compared to other labs. AATCC has made participation easier by allowing labs to enter their results online, which means that data is included in the final report exactly as the lab reports it—no risk of transcription errors or misinterpreted handwriting.

Samples will be sent out October 2010 and April 2011. The cost is US$495 per year or US$285 for a half-year subscription. As with other programs, labs will receive samples and testing instructions by mail. Data is returned to AATCC within six weeks and compiled. Each participating lab receives a complete report, including data tables and graphs. An anonymous code allows each lab to identify its results in comparison to the rest of the field.

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