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Alexium Intl. rolls out Cleanshellâ„¢ textile treatment

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Alexium Intl. has announced the development and commercial roll-out of its Cleanshell™ textile treatment process, an advanced process for water- and oil-repellent treatment of textiles. It provides exceptional liquid repellency while preserving the breathability, hand and drape of the fabric. The Cleanshell process has already produced textile industry leading repellency for a number of liquids, including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, cooking oils, acids, solvents, oxidizers and water.

What distinguishes the Cleanshell process is the thorough encapsulation of the fabric fibers with a nanoscopic coating to protect the entire fabric. The coatings are durable, withstand heavy usage and launderings, yet are extraordinarily light weight. In addition to product performance benefits, users of Cleanshell also benefit from the ease and versatility of the process. The treatment can be applied to a wide range of synthetic fabrics (polyester, nylon, ballistic protection and flame retardant aramids), natural fabrics (cashmere, cotton, wool), and blends.

Cleanshell is based on Alexium’s patented RST process, which uses microwave technology to apply the textile treatment rapidly through an energy efficient method. The process will be made available via licensing to commercial partners and applied to Alexium’s Cleanshell product lines.

Source: Alexium Intl.

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