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Fabric and glass from OKALUX

Fabric Structures, Products | February 16, 2011 | By:

OKATECH Vision from insulating glass specialist OKALUX offers an impressive harmonious connection of function and aesthetics. Due to its special optics, the plastic fabric Vision with its metal coating opens new possibilities for design with a large spectrum of application, from doors through room partitions to complete glass facades. As an exclusive partner of the Swiss production company SEFAR, OKALUX applies the fabric inlay to the cavities between the panes, which lends the glass a textile structure as well as giving it a haptic quality. The interior side, usually colored black, preserves the one-sided transparency, an ideal condition for unimpeded vision and light transparency in this direction. On the exterior side, depending on the coating used, effective movements of light offer welcome protection from unwanted viewing. Hues from aluminum through copper to chrome or titanium are possible. In addition, the fabric can be applied in a wrinkled version to achieve a three-dimensional effect or in several layers for a moirè effect.

Any glass construction can be converted by exclusive design concepts, regardless of the dimensions. Glass printed digitally with attractive designs becomes a carrier of images and can unite all elements or areas of a building, from furniture through dividing walls to the façade in a total concept.

Source: OKALUX

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