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Anaerobic digester produces energy from animal waste

Geosynthetics, Projects | March 1, 2011 | By:

A South Carolina farmer approached the Santee Cooper electric utility with an idea for turning his hog farm into a green power source. Four years later, with help from Clemson University and Environmental Fabrics Inc. (EFI), a Gaston, S.C., manufacturer of geosynthetics, the Burrows Hall Farm’s anaerobic digester is ready to produce energy. An anaerobic digester consists of a geomembrane over a manure storage basin (with many other technical refinements) that captures methane (a potent greenhouse gas) naturally produced from the oxygen-starved breakdown of animal waste. Electricity will be generated from the methane, providing power for the farm and excess energy to sell. The process uses waste to produce energy, reduces greenhouse gases, reduces dependence on oil and brings the farmer additional income. Read more on the Environmental Fabrics website.

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