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IFAI Report: North American Geosynthetics Market Snapshot

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The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) has released its “Market Watch: Geosynthetics Market Snapshot” for 2011. The report’s chief focus is on the U.S. geosynthetics marketplace, particularly as it relates to market size and growth, predominate materials/polymers; applications used in the U.S. market, trends, opportunities, threats, and market outlook.

IFAI Market Research Manager Jeff Rasmussen created this report to give businesses the essential data they need to make informed decisions. The IFAI report data was derived from a 2010 IFAI survey of its U.S./Canadian geosynthetics member suppliers and distributors, supplemented with secondary research.

According to Rasmussen, “For 2010, 56 percent of geosynthetic suppliers/distributors surveyed reported they would achieve favorable sales; and only 18 percent reported they would incur unfavorable sales in 2010—much improved over a down market in 2009.” The survey showed that 2009 was a difficult and trying time for geosynthetic suppliers/distributors. However, 2010 improved moderately in terms of sales and general business conditions.

“Overall, geosynthetic suppliers/distributors are optimistic that 2011 will yield better results for their geosynthetic business in terms of increased sales and an overall improvement in general business conditions,” says Rasmussen.

The complete Market Watch: Geosynthetics Snapshot 2011 is available for purchase at the online IFAI Bookstore.

Source: IFAI

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