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Heating panels customized with thin-film graphics

Products | September 1, 2011 | By:

Prestyl USA, Spokane, Wash., a manufacturer of far infrared panels for residential and commercial spaces, is launching a series of Radiant Artwork heating panels that can be customized with thin-film graphics that bring form and function together. The company creates ultra-thin panels from French thin-film technology that’s been used in aircraft, ships, trains and public buildings for 16 years. Far-infrared technology heats objects such as floors, walls and furniture, but not the air, so that it warms quietly, produces no air currents and prevents moisture buildup and mold.

The Prestyl USA panels include electric infrared radiation technology, aluminum surface and frame and thin-film printing ink. The panels can be wall- or ceiling-mounted, require no plumbing or ducts, plug into a wall outlet and can be moved to other locations and be operational in minutes. Typical energy savings range between 15 and 50 percent over traditional heating methods. Prestyl will customize panels with thin-film graphics of everything from family photos to company logos, making it ideal for commercial spaces.

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