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Flexible netting for community connections

Projects | September 21, 2011 | By:

A work of ephemeral architecture displayed in a multi-floor open space in Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Hasselt, Belgium, takes networking to a whole new level. The exhibit, called simply Net, consists of multiple layers of flexible nets suspended in the air. The flat layers are connected to each other on counterpoints, creating a floating landscape in which visitors can climb, explore or recline.

The ultimate goal of Numen/For Use, a group of European artists/designers interested in transparent landscapes, is “to cover closed backyards from wall to wall, one layer of net per floor, enabling the inhabitants to step out of their windows into transparent landscapes.” Net offers visitors the sensation of walking on air, floating, climbing into the sun or curling up in the womb, depending upon each individual’s mood. “The aim is creation of a net for integration of neighborhoods [that] became alienated in recent years, a kind of public balcony for a future community.”

Source: Numen/For Use

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