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Environmental innovation: Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss fiber

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The Lenzing Group, based in Austria, has always set technological and environmental standards in the cellulose fiber world. The company’s latest achievement: Edelweiss technology. This technology, combined with environmental advantages such as carbon neutrality, a low need for land and a replenishable raw material of natural origins, makes Lenzing Modal® Edelweiss truly an ecological fiber. Edelweiss performs identically to the conventional Lenzing Modal® fiber. The fiber properties, softness and color brilliance remain intact. Even the processing in the textile supply chain is the same. The Edelweiss technology is based on a chemical process derived from eco-friendly oxygen, satisfying the highest possible environmental standards.

Lenzing Modal is extracted from beech wood. Beech forests thrive in Northern and Central Europe and shape the landscapes of these regions. The tree is thought to improve the earth, since it is a deep-rooting plant and conditions the soil. Beech trees propagate by “rejuvenation,” so there is no need for reforestation or replanting of plantations. Forests grow on marginal land and yield a high cellulose harvest without irrigation, fertilizers or pesticides.

Source: Lenzing Group

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