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GE announces collaboration to supply membranes for South Korean military uniforms

Advanced Textiles, Industry News | October 4, 2011 | By:

GE, Fairfield, Ct., has announced a collaboration with Kolon Fashion Material (KFM, Gwacheon, South Korea) on a wide range of membranes that KFM will use in laminate production to supply the Republic of Korea military and the consumer market. The collaboration is part of GE’s strategy for its eVent® fabrics waterproof/breathable product line. The alliance will allow customer brands to pair proven GE membranes with a wide range of laminates and fabrics to create unique apparel, footwear and accessories.

KFM will supply the South Korean military with uniforms featuring waterproof breathable membranes from GE laminated to KFM fabrics. In addition, KFM has combined GE membrane technology with their own proprietary lamination technology to create neoVENT-F, a waterproof breathable fabric for the domestic Korean consumer market and global outdoor brands.

Since 1999, eVent fabrics have helped set standards for air permeable and waterproof membranes in textiles. The patented technology used to create eVent membranes was invented in the 1990s to improve the pollutant-capturing performance of air filtration systems and give superior protection to industrial machinery such as gas turbines. eVent membranes—with billions of pores per square inch—are now widely used for filtration, venting, and as a waterproof breathable barrier for products used in the automotive, medical, industrial, apparel, and other markets.

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