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Polyfab USA appoints Keyston Bros. new stocking distributor

Industry News | January 12, 2012 | By:

Polyfab USA LLC announces that they have appointed Keyston Bros. as their newest stocking distributor of the POLYTEX® and COMTEX® lines of extra heavy duty fire-rated knitted HDPE shadecloth.

Keyston Bros. Phoenix, Arizona branch will be the initial stocking location for cuts and rolls, with an additional distribution branch on the East Coast to be named later. Their Phoenix branch covers the southwest U.S., including the desert region of Arizona and Nevada. According to Julie Teller, vice president and general manager, “We see this partnership with Polyfab USA as a means to answer the demands of our customers in Phoenix, Las Vegas and elsewhere in the territory for easy availability of rolls and cut yardage of Polytex and Comtex shadecloth.”

“As the use of shade sails and structures utilizing our superior fire-rated knitted shadecloth increases,” said Steve Morenberg, national sales and marketing manager for Polyfab USA, “the demand for cut yardage is also increasing. More fabricators are supplying the residential market with small to medium shade sails, so only require a few yards of this twelve and a half feet wide fabric at a time. Keyston Bros. has traditionally been able to service this niche in the industrial fabrics marketplace well.

“I’m told that in the Australian market fully half the distribution sales are of cut yardage,” said Morenberg. “and we’re heading down that same road. The current distributors offer quarter-rolls and half-rolls, but most do not cut shadecloth ‘to request.’ By adding Keyston Bros. as a stocking distributor to our existing national distribution channel, the fabricators get another way to choose the exact purchase and delivery options that they want for their businesses.”

Polytex® is a 7 ounce per square yard superior fire-rated knitted HDPE shade fabric designed for use in modular shade structures and shade sails. Comtex® is a 10 ounce per square yard superior fire-rated knitted HDPE shade fabric designed for large tension membrane structures and architectural shade sails. The lines are available in 16 Comtex® and 17 Polytex® colors; put up on 12.5 foot by 100 foot, center-folded rolls and are covered under Polyfab’s 10 year UV warranty. Both fabrics are certified by the California State Fire Marshal.

In business since 1868, Keyston Bros. has grown from a small, family-owned business manufacturing and selling whips and lashes on the streets of San Francisco, to become one of North America’s leading suppliers and innovators of fabrics, vinyls, leathers and textiles to multiple markets including automotive, marine, awning, contract/hospitality, healthcare, fitness and furniture upholstery supplies, from their 22 branch warehouse locations throughout the country.

Source: PolyfabUSA

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