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Teijin launches China’s first closed-loop recycling for uniforms

Industry News | February 17, 2012 | By:

Teijin launches China’s first closed-loop recycling for uniforms<br />

The Teijin Group announces the first program in China for collecting and recycling used uniforms. The uniforms will be recycled using Teijin’s Eco Circle, an environmentally friendly closed-loop system incorporating the world’s first technology for the chemical recycling of polyester, which Teijin Fibers introduced in 2002. The new program was launched in collaboration with Asahi Group’s farm and milk producing subsidiaries.

As part of the program, Teijin Fibers’ chemically recyclable polyester fiber is woven into textiles and dyed by Nantong Teijin Co., Ltd. This month, cold-weather uniforms made with the recyclable textile were distributed to 200 employees of the Asahi companies based in Shandong Province, which produce and sell vegetables, fruits and milk.

The uniforms will be collected after their useful lives and sent to Teijin Fibers’ Matsuyama plant in Japan. They will be converted into polyester raw material. The raw material will then be turned into high-quality polyester for the manufacture of new recyclable products.

Repeated recycling achieved with the Eco Circle system significantly reduces both energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions compared to conventional petroleum-based processes for polyester production.

Teijin is working with more than 150 apparel and sportswear manufacturers worldwide to develop and manufacture products made from recyclable materials, as well as to collect and recycle these products. The manufacturers include well-known brands such as Patagonia Inc. in the U.S., Henri Lloyd in the U.K. and Quiksilver Europe in France. In China, Teijin has been collaborating with Li Ning, the nation’s largest sports apparel brand.

“With environmental consciousness steadily rising in China, Teijin is witnessing a growing interest in its Eco Circle program. We will continue to pursue and expand our environmental initiatives in this fast-growing market,” said Hirotaka Nakagawa, president of Nantong Teijin.

Teijin is a global technology-driven group operating in eight main fields: aramid fibers, carbon fibers & composites, polyester fibers, plastics, films, medical & pharmaceuticals, fiber products marketing and IT businesses.

Source: Teijin Group

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