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Boat enclosure features blend of material

Marine, Projects | June 1, 2012 | By:

[SeaCanvas] Egg Harbor Township, N.J.

Sea Canvas was asked to recreate a four-sided enclosure using some soft, polished sheet vinyl and some EZ2CY acrylic window material. The client requested rigid windows forward, soft vinyl with U-zippers on the sides, and a roll-up aft door and aft mid windows. Looking to change to tracking on the windshield, Sea Canvas purchased a conduit heat box to ease the process for installing the track on a compound curved, forward windshield corner. The aft corner curtains were broad-seamed like a sail to create a slight curve and tight arc from floor to hard top. This was a different approach; it would be more usual to do a straight seam. The project also included aft fabric window covers, which the client also used when rolling up the curtains. The final project was a carefully integrated system that protected the boat and its occupants.

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