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Providing phthalate-free films for medical products

Advanced Textiles, Products | August 13, 2012 | By:

Nearly a year after Genesis Plastics Welding and Teknor Apex announced a breakthrough in PVC-free manufactured medical bags and pouches, O’Sullivan Films joins in the collaboration to offer medical device, equipment and supplies companies a medical grade, PVC-free film.

O’Sullivan Films, a producer of medical-grade films used in the health care industry, is now able to mass-produce this USP class I-VI film using Teknor Apex’s Medalist® medical elastomers. The film uses Genesis’s proprietary ecoGenesis™ technology and can be radio frequency (RF) welded using no additives or adhesives, to manufacture a variety of medical supplies and equipment, including fluid delivery, storage and drainage bags.

“While PVC still has its place in many industries and applications, eliminating or reducing PVC in the health care sector is a major focus for many hospitals and health care systems,” said Tom Ryder, president and CEO of Genesis Plastics Welding. “With the collaboration of our companies, hospital groups such as those that have recently joined the Healthier Hospitals Initiative can now provide patients with PVC-free medical bags, thereby reducing potential exposure to dioxins.”

Source: Genesis Plastics Welding

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