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Lenzing fibers certified as compostable

Industry News | November 1, 2012 | By:

Nonwovens made from Lenzing Tencel® and Viscose® fibers are based on a renewable raw material: wood. The Lenzing Group, headquartered in Austria, has closed the biological circle on its nonwoven household wipes, which the Belgian certification company Vincotte has declared suitable for both industrial and individual garden composting.

The “OK compost HOME” certificate from Vincotte is only one of the ways Lenzing’s Business Unit Nonwoven Fibers lets consumers know products are eco-friendly. “Increasing environmental awareness along the supply chain leads to the desire for greater transparency,” says Elisabeth Stanger, marketing director. “Eco-labels, certificates and awards give the consumer more security in defining and selecting high-quality environmentally friendly and biologically degradable products.”

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