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Screen-Pro roll-up line meets year-round environmental control challenges

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TMI LLC, Pittsburgh, Pa., has announced the expansion of its successful Screen-Pro roll-up screen product line, offering additional versatility for currently installed doors and year-round environmental control solutions. TMI’s current Screen-Pro product line will expand into three distinct end-use applications: Screen-Pro bug screens, Bird-Pro heavy mesh screens and Vinyl-Pro supported PVC doors. Each product line creates a unique roll-up environmental solution. The Screen-Pro line specializes in flying insect control, the Bird-Pro line provides a barrier for birds and larger flying insects, and the Vinyl-Pro line separates differing environmental areas according to temperature, dust, debris, fumes and noise.

The three new product lines will maintain the Screen-Pro’s roll-up door technology, so that existing Screen-Pro doors can easily be converted to any of the new end-use applications. A Bird-Pro or Screen-Pro model utilized during summer months can be converted to a Vinyl-Pro configuration during the cooler winter months.

According to Chris Jacobs, TMI’s plant manager overseeing Screen-Pro production, “The Screen-Pro, Bird-Pro and Vinyl-Pro are built on a common platform and they’re designed to work together to create an all-encompassing package for what TMI does best-manage environments.”

Source: TMI LLC

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