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New prototype filament yarn with permanent built-in self-cleaning

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TWD Fibres GmbH has developed a super-hydrophobic filament yarn with a permanent built-in self-cleaning effect in cooperation with the Institute for Textile Technology and Process Engineering (ITV) and the Institute of Textile Chemistry and Chemical Fibers (ITCF), both in Denkendorf, Germany. A botanical phenomenon, which can be observed in lotus plants, gave the impulse for this innovation: leaves with a rough and water-repellent surface structure self-clean, as dirt and micro-organisms roll off with the rain. Until now, a self-cleaning effect could only be achieved temporarily by subsequent chemical treatment.

In contrast to this, TWD Fibres GmbH’s innovation, with working title DIOLEN®CLEAN PROJECT, achieves a permanent self-cleaning effect by using a specialized spinning process that integrates the self-cleaning effect in the yarn. It is expected that TWD Fibres GmbH’s DIOLEN®CLEAN will be available as polyester filament yarn in raw white, package or dope dyed in various yarn counts once further development work has been completed. Thus DIOLEN®CLEAN will meet a broad spectrum of requirements within the technical textiles market. The manufacturing process of this yarn consists of various stages to achieve the desired self-cleaning effect as permanent characteristic.

The TWD material exhibited better cleaning characteristics compared to currently available textile applications in all common tests, such as the Martindale abrasion test, testing the fouling and cleaning characteristics in artificial weathering conditions based on DIN EN ISO 105-B04, and the DIN EN ISO 6330 method 7a washing tests. The dynamic rolloff angle is the decisive assessment criterion. Current research results were presented to international attendees at this year’s Man-Made Fibers Congress in Dornbirn, Austria.

The product is expected to be available on the market in 2014. Possible applications include home textiles (table cloths, furniture upholstery, decorative and curtain fabrics) for the private and contract sector, hospitals; outdoor and functional clothing; car interior textiles (upholstery, side trim panels); canvas, cover and tent fabrics.

TWD Fibres GmbH, together with its sales and marketing company FR Safety Yarns GmbH & Co. KG, has a booth at Heimtextil in Frankfurt (Main) in hall 3.0 (D62).

Contacts at TWD Fibres GmbH for the DIOLEN®CLEAN PROJECT are:

Karsten Lips,

Sales Manager

Tel: +49 9281 8500190

+49 1713670123

Thorsten Strauβ,

Head of Research & Development

Tel: +49 9901 79 222

TWD Fibres GmbH has one of the biggest and most efficient dye houses in Europe with more than 5,000 tons of dyeing capacity per year. Markets include automotive (car interior textiles), clothing, home textiles and medical, as well as technical applications.

Source: TWD Fibres GmbH

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