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TEXbase adds new suppliers to collaboration platform

Industry News | February 4, 2013 | By:

TEXbase, a provider of web-based, on-demand and interactive product management software, has amassed more than 100 suppliers and testing labs on TEXbase Connect, its on-demand supplier collaboration platform. Connect securely unifies brands, retailers, suppliers and labs for material and product development, testing protocols, RSLs, COCs, quality testing and compliance documentation.

The TEXbase collaboration platform includes new suppliers like YKK, Esquel Enterprises, TAL Group and testing labs such as SGS Consumer Testing Services, and UL-STR, which increases the breadth and depth of collaboration options for its brand and retail customers.

Connect provides brands and retailers with real-time access to their supplier and testing lab data, by virtue of its multi-dimensional collaboration platform, which reduces production errors and ultimately lowers the cost of non-compliance. Connect provides suppliers with a solution to promote materials and components to TEXbase brand clients, who can instantly search, view and import materials directly into their product development process.

Source: TEXbase Inc.

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