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New test criteria for OEKO-TEX Standard 100

Industry News | March 1, 2013 | By:

New test criteria for Standard 100 effective April 1.

The applicable test criteria and limit values for OEKO-TEX Standard 100 product certification have been updated. After a three-month transitional period, the following new regulations will come into force for all certification procedures on April 1, 2013.

With these limit values, OEKO-TEX supports the “Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC)” initiative. The process of raising awareness among the companies involved in the OEKO-TEX system with regard to these problematic substances, which are harmful to the environment and can be found in auxiliary materials, will be further intensified during the company audits. Every OEKO-TEX certificate issued in future will explicitly state that the conformance of items marked with the OEKO-TEX label will be verified regularly through company audits.

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