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Olympic Tent makes a change, sells directly to rental companies

Industry News | March 6, 2013 | By:

Olympic Tent’s rental company clients now have direct access to the 76-year-old manufacturing company. The change allows clients to directly order from the factory for the first time since the 1990s.

Owner Scott Sutherland said, “This is an exciting change and a tremendous improvement for our clients because we have removed an expensive and cumbersome layer in the sales process. This significantly reduces the cost of doing business.”

Olympic Tent’s clients have profited from the change in several ways. Primarily, the new direct sales model has resulted in lowering the cost of their tents. Additionally, clients receive faster and more efficient service, are able to manage their orders more smoothly, and they can make changes more quickly.

“Our clients had many questions that revolved around their concern about how to purchase tents that are authentically made by Olympic Tent,” explained Sutherland. “We reassured them that they will always have access to genuine Olympic Tent products. The answer is simple; just call us direct.”

Olympic Tent has been designing and manufacturing tent products for the tenting industry since 1937.

Source: Olympic Tent

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