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Membrane material designed to reduce the transmission of radiation

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RaProTex™ (Radiation Protection Textile) from Taiyo Kogyo Corp. and Hiraoka & Co. Ltd. is a membrane material designed to reduce the transmission of radiation. Applications include decontamination bags for soil and ash containing low-level radioactive substances, sheets to cover the piled decontamination bags, tent structures for temporary storage of contaminated materials and workplace dividers to shield from the outer environment in low-level radiation areas. The polyester base fabric is coated with radiation-shielding substances including barium sulfate (used for protection from X-rays during abdominal examinations) and vinyl chloride resin. Cost efficient, it has excellent flexibility and can be folded compactly and brought to a site. It’s weldable and weather resistant with an outdoor product life of about 10 years.

SOURCE Taiyo Kogyo Corp.

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