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Refurbishing heirloom furniture

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[Nickle Ink Upholstery] Sumner, Iowa, U.S.A.

An antique sectional that had belonged to the customer’s grandparents was faded and torn. The customer first decided to recover just one of the pieces to use in her home, but when she saw it completed, she decided to have all three pieces done: two corner pieces and one straight piece that could be rearranged in several positions. Making the design in the pattern of the material to match up on each piece flowing over the corners and down the front of the chair was the most difficult part of this project, as the three pieces needed to match regardless of their arrangement. The customer also picked out a beaded gimp to add to the bottom frame of each piece, which needed to be attached with care so the staples were not visible.

2012 IAA Award of Excellence

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