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Korean artist transforms space with threads and black light

Fabric Structures, Projects | May 1, 2013 | By:

The installations of Jeongmoon Choi, a Korean artist currently working in Berlin, Germany, transform rooms, walls or even staircases into new territory for the imagination. Choi’s drawings and sculptures consist of wool or cotton threads arrayed in darkened rooms; the threads glow when illuminated with black light. In her most recent outdoor public installation in Berlin, “Lines up. a recollection,” Choi traces the lines using illuminated string and UV light to create artificial horizons, build spaces within spaces and change thinking about boundaries between people and their environments.

Choi received her Master’s from the College of Fine Arts, Sung-Shin University, Seoul, Korea, but moved to Germany in 1995 to refine her studies. Visitors to her light drawings and installations in Paris, Berlin and Seoul “are initially confused; at the first look, they lose orientation,” says Choi. After exploring the work from a range of perspectives, “oftentimes they’re put in a meditative state and feel very relaxed and at peace.” Visit Choi’s online gallery to see “Lines up. a recollection” and other disorienting yet calming linear configurations.

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