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TMI’s converting services cut lead times, streamline manufacturing process

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Advanced bulk material conversion increases the efficiency of manufacturers; performing material bulk roll modifications in advance eliminates the expense of preparing material on site. TMI’s free new, comprehensive conversion services brochure details its wide range of available services.

From customized cutting and resizing to hand-crafted sewing and heat-sealing, TMI provides services to customize material for a broad spectrum of applications. Ready-for-assembly materials help manufacturers increase efficiency and reduce cost by decreasing the amount of time spent preparing material.

Rolls of flexible PVC or polyester-reinforced PVC fabrics can be converted with a variety of processes, including slitting, sheeting, die or flash cutting, RF welding, sewing and normalizing, to name a few. Each of these converting services takes the bulk roll and transforms it based on customer-specific requirements. For example, slitting converts wide rolls to narrower, more manageable width rolls. TMI, a leading extruder of flexible PVC materials, offers all of these services on its own material and any compatible, customer-supplied material.

Source: TMI LLC

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