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Performance insulation materials for fashion and outdoor use

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Thermore, based in Milan, Italy, has introduced its latest innovation, Thermore ARIA, an excellent technical synthetic alternative to real down feathers. The Italian word ARIA, translated to English, simply means “air.” It perfectly describes the new insulation, which is 98 percent air by volume, ultra-light, soft and a super efficient high-loft insulator. Thermore ARIA also perfectly mimics the look of down when quilted with appropriately matched fabrics to the three selected weights of fill: 60, 115 and 170gsm.

The potential savings can be as much as 80 percent compared to a traditional down-filled garment. ARIA offers a value-added alternative to down in every regard: appearance, health concerns, cost, consistency, availability and outstanding performance. ARIA is also hypoallergenic and does not contain any dangerous chemicals, making it a very safe and humane alternative to using animal products for quilted outerwear.

ARIA is the latest product from a heritage line that stretches back to 1972 when Thermore began producing high-tech products designed for a specific application and need. These include RINNOVA, made from 100 percent post consumer recycled (PCR) polyester fibers; CLASSIC, which uses a technical blend of 50 percent PCR fibers; and PRO, a unique, fully water repellent fill that is also 50 percent PCR in blend.

Source: Thermore

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